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    Encryption of all communication channels.


    Daily backups, both local and remote, ensure data security.

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    The Correspondence module, in full articulation with the Document Management module, provides an ad-hoc process where at each point in time users can be assigned to tasks.


    The Construction solution enables a fully integrated management of all the projects, managing clients, suppliers, products and third party entities. S2i is 100% compatible with Ms PRoject.


    The Starter solution has all the required modules to the daily-based operations of most companies.



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    Web Based

    Web based system don't require any kind of software setup on the workstations and enables access from everywhere.


    You can manage more than one company.


    S2i™ offers you Portuguese and English language. More comming soon.




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    Buy and use S2i™ licenses. Don't invest money on infrastructure. We take care of that.


    If you need local integration with other systems, this is the best option..




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S2i Solutions

meeting your core business

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  • Todos
  • Starter
  • NGO
  • Industry
  • HR Management
  • Accounting
  • The Core module integrates features such as System Administration, Document Management, along with an ad-hoc Correspondence Process.

    • Starter
    • NGO
    • Industry
    • HR Management
    • Accounting
  • The Purchase module allows you to manage the entire purchase life cycle, from procurement, the purchase itself and finishing in the goods receivable along with legal documents.

    • Industry
  • The Sales module allows you to manage all the issues related to sales, from customer management to Stocks, warehouses and associated documents that enable business transactions.

    • Starter
    • Industry
    • HR Management
    • Accounting
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